What Is Angle Board? And where is it used?

22 August, 2022
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Angle Board, also known as Corner Board, is a multi-layered kraft paper and board that is glued and formed into a stiff right angle. It is basically used as a protective packaging for shipments that are in and out of transit. While many would think that due to the right angle, it is used to only protect the edges, it also lends structural strength to the entire stacking process, especially for pallet packaging.

Being the most economical packaging material, if sized correctly, it can protect the stretch film around the stack as well as the packaging and the product itself. You can get affordable options through a variety of Angle board suppliers.

Before we get to the uses, let’s talk about ‘why’ angle boards should be used in the first place.

Reasons to Use Angle Board

  • Security: In the packaging industry, stacking often is a challenge because there might be issues of creating a disbalance. Angle board provides the necessary sturdiness that keeps the stacks in line while guarding the edges.
  • Branding: The use of an angle board is not just limited to avoid in-transit losses. Today, printed angle boards are all a rage and can be used to cater to various branding requirements.
  • Strength: Due to having multiple layers, angle boards are relatively tough. The primary reason for any imbalance in the alignment of the stacks is the poor strength of the packaging material. Therefore, using angle board is a smart choice.
  • Shockproofing: The corners of a stack are often susceptible to damage mainly at the time of transportation. To prevent this, angle board makes for a great option because it is shock-repellent and absorbs any form of wreckage.
  • Variety: Angle boards also come in a different surface variant that is moisture-resistant and abrasion-resistant coatings. Numerous angle board suppliers provide this variant according to the requirement of the customers.

Where is Angle Board used?

The open-edge design of the angle board makes it versatile in its applications. Additionally, it is a recyclable product which provides immense strength to the packaging units such as corrugated boxes. Below are some of the ways in which angle board is used:


For Corrugated Boxes, angle board is vertically placed at the corners. With this addition, the box gets structural stability, thereby providing the best possible use of the container. It also helps to decrease the amount of damage caused to the container.

You can also lower your packaging cost by reducing the ply of your boxes. Also, reinforcement can be done in all kinds of packaging.

Edge Guard

Used to protect corners of all kinds of circular-shaped material, the angle board guards the products while they are strapped and stacked on the pallet.

Interestingly, the angle board helps make round-shaped material easier to ship. The pallets can then be assembled in a manageable way.

Protective Edging

Protective edging basically means to safeguard the edges of a variety of products in flat as well as in length. Angle boards can be placed on numerous products, such as plywood, aluminum sheets, etc.

During packaging, usually the strapping is done with steel or nylon strings. Angle board also shields the denting that might be caused due to tight wrapping thereby protecting the surface from damage.

In conclusion, due to the angle board’s protective corners, different industries across India and overseas use these to offer strength to pallets and protect products from being crushed.

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