What is Duplex Board? Where is it used?

22 August, 2022
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A Duplex board is a form of paperboard or cardboard that has a double-sided white or grey color. Because it is made of two layers, one side of it is made with a shiny finish to achieve excellent prints along with making it water-resistant. In simpler terms, a duplex board is an affordable variant of the premium whiteboard. It is commonly used in consumer packaging as well as in the industrial packaging sector. There are numerous suppliers of Duplex boards to purchase from, to cater to your business needs.

Before we dive into the uses, let’s talk about why the duplex board is preferred:

1. Moisture Resistant: Duplex boards are made to be moisture tolerant to ensure prevention from any dust particles and humidity. Additionally, the final coating layer also provides a premium shine to the surface.

2. Anti-curl: Primarily used for packing, Duplex boards have an anti-curl quality to help avoid any form of curling of the board. Mainly, this helps in the storage and transportation of goods.

3. Rigidness: These boards have a rigid structure due to multiple layers making them ideal for packing a range of items without having to fuss over the strength of the material.

4. Uniform Coating: Duplex Boards have a uniform coating for a superior and smooth application. This makes these boards extremely versatile to be used in areas beyond just packaging. You can use them for all kinds of printing, be it laser, inkjet, or offset.

Where is Duplex Board used?

In the past decade, there have been a ton of modern technological advancements to make these boards comply with the best environmentally sustainable practices. Today, with continuous research and development, Duplex boards have managed to create a balanced ecological effect on the atmosphere. For example, most Duplex boards have ‘Food Grade Approved Substances’ and have been qualified for use in food and medication packaging too. Several Duplex board suppliers are also encouraging these kinds of products.

The convenience that Duplex Board offers is that it is stiff, robust, and straight. Therefore, it is perfect for making rigid luxury gift boxes, such as shoe or garment boxes. Due to its excellent paper strength, it can easily withstand the box die-cutting process or hot stamping lamination.

Duplex Boards are used in many industries including:

  • Packaging for the beverage and food industry
  • Fruit packaging industry (example: apple, mangoes, cherries, etc.)
  • Packaging for garments and corrugated boxes
  • Packaging of electronic products
  • Toys and game packs are available in a variety of sizes
  • Cartons in the pharmaceuticals industry
  • Greeting Cards and other packaging and craft requirements

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