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Kraft Paper & Board

Kraft paper is a sturdy paperboard material made up of chemical pulp prepared in the ‘kraft process’. Owing to the elasticity, durability, and environmentally friendly features, Kraft Paper Board is fast gaining popularity worldwide. Due to its texture, strength, and affordable nature, it is extensively used for packaging. From the Best Kraft Paper and Kraft Board Suppliers in Delhi NCR, one can easily get a lightweight, durable, and visually appealing kraft paper.

Kraft Board Sheets

Kraft Board Sheets are primarily used to make kraft paper cones. Their porous and sturdy properties make them an obvious choice for manufacturing paper cones. One can find the best quality through various kraft board sheets suppliers.

Duplex Board

Duplex board is a form of cardboard that has a double-sided white or grey colour. Because it is made of two layers, one side of it is made with a shiny finish to achieve excellent prints. There are numerous suppliers of duplex board to purchase from, to cater to your business needs.

Kraft Paper Cones

Kraft paper cones are mainly used in the textile industry for yarn winding. They are a regular consumable item as well as a daily packing material especially in yarn spinning mills. Having said that, Paper Cone suppliers offer multiple sized cones. While the smaller cones are useful as spools for rolling sewing thread, the bigger cones are used for packing heavy kilograms of yarn. Speaking of which, Jumbo paper cones can hold up to 5-7 kgs of yarn.

Core Pipe

Core pipe, often called ‘paper cores’ are sturdy cardboard tubes/cylinders that are used in multiple ways such as to roll fabric over them, to store powder based adhesive or electrical items. It is also utilised in paper products (food items and packaging process) as well as converting industries as a strong base for storage or deliveries. There are several core pipe manufacturers who can provide you various qualities depending on your requirements. While heavy-duty thick cardboard is used in industries like fabric and electrical, paper cores made by thinner cardboard are used in toilet paper or paper towels.

Corrugated Box

Labelled as the world’s best packaging option, corrugated is put together by three to 5 layers, depending on the requirement. Apart from the standard layers, there is a ridged and fluted material inserted between the inner and outer layers of the cardboard. This additional sheet provides excellent strength that can endure heavy wear and tear throughout the process of shipping. There are plenty of corrugated box suppliers in Delhi NCR sourcing the best material from across India.

Angle Board

Angle Boards predominantly are built to deliver superior strength and stability that is needed during the conveyance and shipping of material. They provide reliable protection, load maintenance and weight distribution so that the material can be transported with little to no difficulties. Various suppliers of Angle Boards promise apt quality for a fuss-free delivery.

Edge Protector

While there are several types of edge protectors available in Delhi NCR and across India, specific to paper industry, they are used to protect the reels and act as a cover for its edges. It is imperative that they are made according to industry laid standards so that the complete reels of kraft paper etc. are not damaged in the process of transportation.

Automatic Corrugated Board Sheet

When we say automatic corrugated board sheet, it means that the entire process of sheet making is automated. The automated product varies in quality as well as the final finish if compared to regular corrugated board sheets. Therefore, this specific quality usually is in high demand.

Corrugation Roll

Corrugation rolls provide a flexible solution to customers who need a protective packaging product that can be cut manually to different sizes and forms, as needed. It acts as the easiest way to pack and shield uneven items and possesses relatively high shock absorption qualities. Having said that, corrugation roll manufacturers also offer rolls that can be pre-printed if the need arises.