Types of Kraft Paper and how they are used in Businesses

23 August, 2022
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Take a moment to think of the word ‘kraft paper. While some would think of a thick brown paper roll, others will lean towards how it is an excellent packaging material. With growing awareness of using less plastic and more eco-friendly solutions, many businesses, as well as startups, have shifted towards kraft paper. While you may be aware of the packaging side of kraft paper, you would be surprised to know that it has different types for different requirements. Numerous Kraft Paper Suppliers in Delhi NCR present some of the best quality kraft paper.

Due to its unique characteristics, kraft paper is multifaceted and has exceptional durability which makes it ideal for commercial and industrial purposes. The brilliant quality, value, and versatility of various types of kraft paper can truly make a mark and accentuate the look and feel of your products. Moreover, it improves your efforts at branding towards an eco-friendly business which can, in turn, improve your sales.

Let’s have a look at the variety of kraft papers:

Virgin Natural Kraft Paper:

Virgin natural kraft paper is a natural choice for any kind of heavy lifting in the paper industry. Its natural properties of having clean fiber content at an affordable cost make it ideal for heavyweight applications. Additionally, as it has a high level of tear resistance, one can use it for branded packaging, safety layering, dunnage and carrier sheets, and pallet interleaving.

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper:

While natural recycled kraft paper might not be as strong as virgin natural kraft paper, it sure is a more ecologically aware option. However, do not get deceived as it still holds enough durability to be used for dunnage and void fill usage. Natural Recycled Kraft Paper is useful for interleaves, trays and boxes, newspapers, and bottom wraps. You can find sturdy and eco-friendly kraft paper from any one of the renowned Kraft Board Sheets Suppliers.

Black Kraft Paper:

Typically, this type of kraft paper is used as a dark and durable backing for picture frames. Other than that, it is also used for creative and fun craft projects. Likewise, one can also use it for adorning dark borders where light barriers are needed.

Colored Kraft Paper:

Colored kraft paper comes in almost all the colors of the rainbow. Due to its dynamic hues, it is suitable for all kinds of craft projects. It is used as school supplies, bulletin boards, scrapbook making, and many more. If your target audience includes, schools or daycares, colored kraft paper should be on your list. Buying colored kraft paper from one of the popular Kraft Paper Suppliers in Delhi NCR will help you achieve your craft paper needs economically.

White/Bleached Kraft Paper:

If you need a crisp and clean finish on kraft paper, you might not want to look further as white or bleached is an obvious choice. Numerous restaurants prefer white kraft paper as an alternative to expensive linen tablecloths. It’s easy, fuss-free, and economical. One can also use it for wrapping packages as its durability can stand a certain degree of wear and tear.

Printed Kraft Paper:

Printed kraft paper is particularly used for packaging, branded wrapping, and store displays. You can often find printed kraft paper being used for wrapping snacks or in the shop logo or contact information printed on one side for promotion. Multiple industries take advantage of the flexibility that it provides in custom printing. For example, the fashion industry presents its products by wrapping them with printed kraft paper sleeves. Others use printed kraft paper sheets between individual products such as shoeboxes or garments.

Reliable Paper N Board can assure you of the quality of printed kraft paper for a perfect packing experience.

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