What is Kraft Paper and why is it so well known?

23 August, 2022
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With the current scenario in the paper industry, it’s not surprising that ‘packaging and its waste’ end up contaminating the environment. Which is why, to conserve nature and limit the pollution levels, it is essential to implement eco-friendly strategies that help our ecosystem. That being the case, ‘Green packaging’ has now become a byword to conserve the environment. Also called ‘sustainable packaging’, this method utilizes materials and techniques to diminish energy use and reduce the dangerous impacts of packaging.

For business owners who want to create an impression through their custom packaging and at the same time are aiming to reduce waste, kraft paper is a brilliant alternative. It also proves to be an eco-friendly option as they are versatile and offer loads of benefits.

What is kraft paper?

 Alternatively recognized as kraft, kraft paper is a sturdy paperboard material made up of chemical pulp prepared in the ‘kraft’ process. Owing to the elasticity, durability, and environmentally friendly features, Kraft Paper Board is fast gaining popularity in food packaging supplies and e-commerce space.

How is Kraft Paper a valuable and all-purpose product?

1. Useful for custom kraft boxes

The excellent durability of kraft paper makes it suitable for custom kraft boxes. The process of making kraft paper creates the attribute of it becoming exceptionally strong. It can be further strengthened by coating the produced pressed paper with polyethylene. This coating protects the kraft paper against bacteria and moisture. However, one drawback of it is that this coating negates the simplicity of the process.

If your application requires even more durability, you can always use multiple layers of kraft paper to make tougher kraft boxes. The Best Kraft Board Supplier in Delhi NCR provides durable kraft paper that is useful for making custom kraft boxes.

2. Presents natural beauty

Due to its texture and strength, Kraft paper is well-known for exhibiting a timeless appeal. If you intend to establish an eco-friendly business, Kraft Paper Board is a perfect fit as it’s attractive yet retains its charm with a vintage touch. This kind of look assists businesses to achieve their goals of being classy yet environmentally benign.

Another prominent aspect adding to the natural beauty is that kraft paper is lightweight. Hence, it does not add much weight to the custom boxes. Despite being lightweight, it is extremely durable. This implies that you benefit from a package capable of sustaining rough handling and scuffling. From the Best Kraft Paper Suppliers in Delhi NCRyou can easily get lightweight, durable, and visually appealing kraft paper.

3. Better than a standard paper

There has always been the question as to how can kraft paper outperform standard paper. Firstly, kraft paper is sturdier because of its compact lignin as well as its low sulfur ratio. So, there is no decline in the strength of paper, as well as the manufacturing costs, remain controlled.

Kraft paper uses various kinds of wood like bamboo, resinous pine, and more. The manufacturing process used is a self-sustaining method and ensures that almost all the chemicals utilized in the manufacturing process are recuperated and reused.

4.  Gift wrapping

With the versatility of kraft paper, gift wrapping becomes attractive. Its flexibility makes it a much better choice to hone your creative skills rather than textured or colored paper.

It is important to note that kraft paper is not only useful for businesses but also great for personal use. When used for events and parties, you can decrease paper expenses by preparing DIY kraft-based invitations.

Today, the masses have understood the significance of eco-friendly products and processes and are not shying away from demanding the same. So, when it comes to this expectation, kraft paper scores well above the rest.


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