What are the benefits of using Edge Protectors?

16 August, 2022
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When you think of relocating, there is always a possibility that items such as cabinets, paintings, tabletops, and other large, heavy items might dent or damage in the process. It is no wonder that it would be difficult to safely transfer such articles from one place to another.

Now, let us expand this to an industrial measure where much heavier items are moved and shipped on a daily basis. Even with mechanical efficacy, damages will still arise. At some point, a panel might shift or slip during shipping ending up banging against the doorway. While transportation will always accompany losses, those losses can be cut down if simple and precautionary steps are taken.

Edge protectors provide you with the cushion that helps you achieve a safe transfer of goods, be it industrial or residential. There is a huge market of Edge Protectors in Delhi NCR that promise excellent quality for hassle-free delivery.

What are Edge Protectors?

Edge Protectors are designed to shield goods with curved as well as uneven or unusual profiles. However, speaking about the Paper Industry, they are highly used in protecting the edges of paper rolls, paper reels, or aluminum foil.  Made according to industry-laid standards, they are multi-layered to ensure that there is adequate protection given to the goods.

Reasons to use Edge Protectors

1. Easy Application

As can be seen in the picture, the edge protector has uniform cuts/notches called ‘toothing pitch’ that make it easier to apply on any edgy surface. Additionally, the flexible nature of Edge Protector helps in safeguarding the majority of the items as well as turns out to be effective in saving the goods too.

2. Personalisation

The toothing pitch can also be customized to cover various spaces between the notches. This comes as an additional benefit because the toothing pitch is already quite versatile in its application.

3. Protection from Unfortunate Accidents

When it comes to transportation, it is safe to say that there will always be a risk of unfavorable or casual mishaps. Nevertheless, having that extra safety around the edge is sure to give that peace of mind to you in case any accidents do occur.

4. 100% Recyclable and Durable

Since Edge Protectors are made with Kraft Board, they are 100% recyclable. In addition, the multi-layering of these makes sure that despite being lightweight, they are relatively durable.

Although the Edge Protectors do wear out and new ones are to be applied, it is certain that a small-scale investment in Edge Protectors will go a long way. Also, when you compare the losses from products that have been damaged in unfortunate accidents, to the investment made in Edge Protectors, the latter can have a huge payoff.

In the long run, Edge Protectors will prove to be a means through which one can avert those casual risks. Hence, we can certainly say that it’s time to protect those corners, rather than cutting them!

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